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The Clansthal Conservancy lies on the South Coast of KZN, between the Mhlongwana River in the north and the Mhlongwa River in the south. Conservancy members are made up of a group of residents, property owners and tenants who live, work and play at Clansthal and who want to keep Clansthal a jewel of the Upper South Coast.

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Common Name :

Blue Duiker

Scientific Name :

Philantomba monticola

Family : Bovidae
Sub-family : Cephalophinae
Common Synonyms : Bloubok;
Ipiti / Iphithi
The Blue Duiker, locally known as "Ipiti", is the smallest of the Duiker species weighing between 4 & 10kg's with an average height of 30 - 40cm. Ipiti's coat is short and red as a kid, changing to a blueish-grey as they become adults (hence the name). Although listed as "Least Critical" with ICUN Red List, this little buck carries a "vulnerable" status in South Africa where the Hibiscus Coast is one of the few areas you can still see them regularly in the wild... Click here to learn more about this amazing creature.
For a comprehensive list of rare, protected and endangered species in South Africa please visit SANBI.
Common Name :

Greater Flamingo

Scientific Name :

Phoenicopterus roseus

Photograph By : Afie Rieckhoff


Many thanks to Afie Rieckhoff for this fantastic photograph of a Greater Flamingo, rarely seen in the Clansthal area.

Please click on the image to view the enlarged version.

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Interesting Info:

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Clansthal Community & Members:

Neighbourhood Watch
An initiative to help prevent crime in the Clansthal area with our new Neighbourhood Watch Incident Report form so you can help keep our community informed about actual and potential crime. Read more...
The Conservancy Area
All the information about our location, area and size. Read more...
Development Watch
Current known actual or proposed development of buildings and enlarged homes in Clansthal, and their status. Read more...
The Conservancy Committee
Information about the committee members, meetings and how you can have your say. Read more...


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